The Story of Poor Boy Timber

This poor poor boy, who we have named Timber, was picked up on 25th June after being a stray for several weeks, and taken to our lovely vet Konstantina. He has tested positive for Leish so he will go back to the vets early next week for further blood tests to send to the mainland to check how serious his condition is. She called me to ask if we could help him, so he went home with Robbie as she was at the vets. Timber is an elderly Setter, boy, an old chappie. He is in dreadful condition!

We can see externally he has many symptoms, but internally, I hate to think what is going on with this poor boy! His eyes are cloudy, he has a lot of hair missing, he is very skinny, weighing only 10 kg. I have never seen so many ticks before! He is going to need a lot of TLC and some luck too I feel. Healer friends, again please help this boy! He had a bath with special shampoo, which he will need several more of. He is going to be on a very good quality high protein diet, boiled chicken and minced beef, etc. Eye drops, creams, and and and!!!! When we have the blood test results back we will know more what other medications he will need.