The Adoption Process

We do our utmost to find the best homes for the stray and abandoned animals from the Island. These lovely dogs have been saved from being shot, poisoned and/or starved. We have monthly transport to the UK. HOWEVER THEY WILL REMAIN IN ZANTE UNTIL THEY ARE ADOPTED.

All of our dogs and puppies are usually well socialized with other dogs, puppies and cats. They are also usually child-friendly (aged 5 years plus), unless otherwise stated in their description. All puppies will need training & toilet-training. ALL PUPPIES WILL NEED TO BE NEUTERED WHEN THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF OUR CHILD POLICY: We do NOT home our dogs or puppies to families where there are children under 5 years of age UNLESS there is an existing dog in the home, then these applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Additionally, homes with children under 10 years, the parents MUST have previous experience of owning a dog as an adult. Again, these applicants will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis based on the pup & family circumstances.

A home check is always carried out prior to any of our dogs being adopted, usually independently by someone that lives close to you and is already involved in animal rescue. This ensures that the garden is secure and the right dog or puppy is matched to the right family. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY UNLESS YOU HAVE A SECURE GARDEN WITH 6FT FENCING (some exceptions apply with a very small or older dog).

The adoption fee is approx. £540 IN TOTAL; this is for the vet fees and transport costs. When you are sure that you wish to proceed and are serious about adopting one of our puppies, the cost of the vet preparation for each dog or puppy is £160 and is due when you reserve the pup on completion of a successful home visit.

The £160 is given directly to the vet for all the work needed and includes all vaccinations including Rabies, Passport, Microchip, flea and worm treatment, all of which are legal requirements to enter the UK. Blood tests are also made on adult dogs to ensure they do not have any internal parasites or diseases. Puppies have to be twelve weeks old before they can have their rabies vaccination and can then travel twenty one days later, or when the next available transport leaves.

The cost of the transport is approx. £380. We are reliant on overland transport and have to be a little flexible as dates can change due to ferries, weather, Eurotunnel etc. The transport cost is due to be paid a week prior to your dog travelling to the UK. This is via bank transfer to the transporter.