Success Stories

The following poem serves as a thought-provoking reminder that many rescue dogs may need to decompress and 'unpack' their past experiences.

Written from a dog's viewpoint, the poem reinforces that rescue dogs need time, patience and an owner who refuses to give up on them.

Love, understanding and persistence reaps rich rewards for both dog and owner.

A massive "thank you" to all of our adopters. We hope that you enjoy reading some of their testimonies below.

Alison (29.01.22)

I was browsing through the (Home at Last) feed this morning and it struck me how special the whole team of people that make up the Healing Paws community really are. Everyone on here is in no doubt about Sue and the heroic team on Zakynthos who rescue these beautiful dogs. Even where there is little hope when their bodies and souls are broken, they never give up on them and give them a chance at the lives they deserve. Then we have the fosterers, vets, locals, admin and transport teams. I am in awe of what they do - I think we all are!
Then I read the posts on this page and see the special Healing Paws magic goes on in the stories we share. The heartfelt goodbyes in stories like Poppy's - dogs who have survived and had happy lives against all the odds and have given so much to their human families. The stories that share that wonderful first nervous excitement that is familiar to us all - meeting our dogs for the first time as they come off the van and start a new chapter in our lives. The support and love that's shown by strangers when things are really hard and we are facing the reality of the challenges that living with a rescue dog can bring and the ongoing advice from the HP team when this happens. The success stories when one of our furbabies reaches a milestone- whether that's learning to sit, being brave enough to go out on a walk or managing not to terrify every visitor to the house. All of this makes up our Healing Paws community and, at a time when the world around us seems to be lurching from crisis to madness and back, it's an oasis of what humanity should be.
Just wanted to share!


My Ozzie, found in a bin at 2 days old. Rescued and loved by Sue's friend, Tracey.

The first time I saw him I just knew he was the one for me. The happiest little dog I've ever met and we love him so much 💙.


Our adopted pup is a gorgeous little girl who we have called Fliss. We fell in love with her photos on the website because of her little pink spotty tummy and the brown freckles all over her face. Her small size was important to us too as we have a touring caravan and planned to take her with us on all our trips. Frustratingly, we had to wait a few extra months for her to arrive because of Lockdown and it seemed such a long wait! The 2nd July 2020 saw us parked on Dover seafront waiting for her boat to arrive at the Docks. Sarah, the transporter, had been really good at keeping us informed since Fliss left Zante and we were so excited that she was finally going to be with us. The van drew up alongside us and Fliss was first to be carried off and put in my arms. She was shaking like a leaf! We got her home and she ran round the garden, very excited at her new surroundings. We did, however, have a difficult first few weeks. Here was a little dog who was incredibly nervous, scared and anxious, barking loudly and growling deeply at everybody and everything. Was she ever going to settle we wondered, would she be good with our visiting grandchildren? Here the Healing Paws Facebook members really helped us with their experiences and encouragement and, gradually, we saw Fliss grow in confidence and become more and more settled and secure. She is such a happy, loving, affectionate girl and amazingly intelligent - a really quick learner. She has brought us so much happiness - her company on long walks on the beach or in the fields, seeing her play and have fun with the grandchildren and we have lots of laughs at her antics (I am sure she has a sense of humour!) Her lovely nature just shines through every day, she is an absolute joy and we really do thank Sue and all the Healing Paws team for her.

Kissie & JJ

We fell in love with Kissie during our holiday to Zante in 2017. After seeing her picture on Healing Paws, we made arrangements to meet Sue at the shelter and travelled up on our rented quad bike. Kissie certainly lived up to her name and we were besotted. Sue explained that Kissie had been thrown over a wall when dumped and, as a result, her tail was broken. Kissie watched us ride away until we were out of sight - it broke my heart! She arrived in the UK the following month, where she soon made friends with our other Jack Russells, and she really is an absolute darling!
A double hip replacement meant that we had to cancel our Zante holiday the following year, but in 2019 we met up with Sue again to see JJ, whose picture she'd posted on Facebook. He looked very cheeky & was, in Sue's words, 'strutting his stuff'!
JJ had been dumped with his 2 brothers in horrendous weather at only 4 weeks old & their little bellies were full of worms. Sue hand-reared them but, sadly, both of JJ's brothers didn't survive. 3 weeks after meeting him, JJ joined our little pack! JJ was very anxious for quite some time, and still has his moments, but he is such a loving boy and so very cute.
Having witnessed the work Sue & her family do, I can honestly say that she is one of the most inspirational people I've ever met; so much so that I now volunteer as admin for the charity. I am ecstatic to be able to give something back - after all, without Healing Paws, I wouldn't have my 2 wonderful furbabies!


I first saw a photo of Ruby on Sue Deeth's Facebook page on 2nd August 2020, after she had been found in a cave with her five babies. A lovely tourist and his family realised she needed help and she led them to her pups. I fell in love with her picture and made enquiries about her and went through the adoption process, which was very straightforward. I named her after one of her rescuers. I had to wait for her pups to be weaned before she could travel. I was kept up-to-date with her wellbeing and my best friend, who lives on Zante, visited Sue and had cuddles with Ruby before she eventually arrived in the UK on 4th October. She was so friendly and loving as soon as I met her. Initially, she was a little apprehensive with strangers, not keen on traffic or loud noises. She walked with her tail between her legs but looked to me for support. She's been with me 5 months and really is an amazing little dog. I love seeing her run happy and free on the beach. She has the best life. We are aware that all her pups are in the UK and I keep in regular contact with two owners. It's so nice to know they are well and perhaps one day we can meet up. Healing Paws and Sue Deeth are the most caring people I have ever had cause to have contact with.


It was strange to adopt a dog chosen on the basis of a few photos, and I chose Charlie (Tito) because he was looking at the camera as if he was confident in himself. After the 3-day journey he was anything but confident on arrival, but the love and trust he showed right from day one was remarkable, and must be a tribute to his early treatment by Healing Paws and his fosterer. He was nervous of other people, but never of us. His favourite place was immediately snuggled between us on the sofa, although he no longer fits the space; we need a bigger sofa 😁. Almost everyone we now meet wants to talk about our beautiful, friendly, gentle dog, and we tell them about Healing Paws. Here he is, practising "sit" at a small distance from me.

Shep, Deyja & Kali

Shep, Deyja and Kali - you know their stories...but..
Shep - chained up for almost 2 years on an abandoned property.
Deyja - stray that took the rescuers a few weeks to catch and lived with Sue who started her rehabilitation.
Kali - unwanted puppy.


We got Chloe (Caz) last July after a long wait due to lock down! She is a wonderful pet, very loving, and very intelligent too! She was 10 months old by then! Settled well and my 2 older dogs like her, they let her use them as a pillow! She is funny too! Healing Paws were very good and kept me informed and sent videos while we waited for her! Here are some recent pics!



We adopted Bella as an adult dog in 2019. We’d never had a dog before and decided we’d like to adopt a rescue. Healing Paws were the only charity that would actively engage with me - they felt like family from the word go and they really are. We had so many questions and they were happy to give me hours of their time, either by phone or email, answering everything and giving reassurance. It felt a bit mad to get a dog we’d never seen or met but we felt like we knew Bella before we met her through all the correspondence. Healing Paws matched us to Bella and she’s absolutely the right dog for us. She has enriched our lives so much. She has been an absolute star from the moment we collected her - good with other dogs, strangers, happy to be left, gets on with our cats, and not fazed by anything, although she hates the window cleaner! We have had no problems at all, just lots of joy. Training has been the hardest thing as she’s a little older, but we’re getting there slowly and I don’t think I’m the best dog trainer in the world! We’re so lucky to have this beautiful, gentle soul in our lives. The Facebook group for Healing Paws adopters has also helped me loads over the last year; just seeing people’s posts has got me through some difficult personal times. When you adopt from Healing Paws you gain a whole new family.


We adopted our little Scooby in the Summer of 2020 when lockdown lifted. I was searching for a smallish dog to join our family. I spent ages searching for a good rescue when I finally came across Healing Paws.
Not long after I spotted Scooby, who was previously known as 'Larry'. The process of reserving him was fairly straight-forward; he had quite a lot of interest so I was over the moon when the admin team offered him to us!
Throughout the whole time I was kept up to date with how he was doing, all the way through to me holding him for the first time and bringing him home.
Since then I have received helpful advice and tips from the Healing Paws team. I still feel like if I had any problems I would be able to contact the team for advice.
Scooby was very fearful when he first came home, on our first walk he barked at everyone and anything. He was terrified - of course he would be - all the sounds, smells and sights were completely different to what he was used to, but after a lot of patience and training he learnt the world isn't so scary and not everyone is going to hurt him.
Now, only around 9 months later, he plays with other dogs off-lead, he has good recall, he happily wants to greet everyone, he no longer barks, he's learnt commands such as sit, lay, stay, paw, wait, roll over, bed and  here.
He is a little bit bonkers - he runs like a mini greyhound and insists our cat must play regardless!
He is also the sweetest, most happy and loving dog I've ever met.
Scoobs got me through some tough times in 2020 and has become best friends with my 7 year old son.
I can't thank Healing Paws enough as, without them, we wouldn't have Scooby. He's part of the family now and here he will stay until the day he crosses the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, he will know nothing but love 💕.


Our beautiful Rosa came over in December 2016, three days before Christmas Day! We chose her because of her beautiful, gentle eyes, and her nature is the same - gentle, friendly and sociable. Intelligence is not the word - she’d automatically know how to behave in any situation.
Love her to bits - oh, and her
 nickname is Rosie-Posie-Poodle-Bumbum. Really don’t know why!
I’ve attached a photo of the day we got her, which is one of my favourites, after her long journey, and a recent one.



Farrow (formerly Red) was adopted in December 2019 as a 4-month-old pup. From the moment she arrived in Glasgow she had so much love to give! Lots of cuddles and kisses right from the get-go! Also, from the very second she saw her sister, Penny (a cat), she was obsessed with her. She loves her so much! Initially, however, she was very nervous and cautious on walks, but after a couple of weeks she was strutting about the streets, full of confidence! She is SO intelligent and was the star pupil in her puppy classes. More often that not we are stopped and asked about what breed she is, as she is so beautiful, and we always send people Healing Paws’ way, as all the dogs are so gorgeous! Farrow is absolutely hilarious, so fast, energetic, well behaved, happy and cuddly. We are SO grateful to everyone at Healing Paws for bringing our dream dog into our world; she is our world now, and we wouldn’t have her any other way!

Archie & Alfie

These two are Archie and Alfie, who came from a litter of six that Sue found in a box with a wire mesh over the top 😢.
We adopted Archie in August 2016 and he was lovely and such a loyal boy from the get-go. He was fantastic with our cats and our children too. Then, a few weeks later, we saw that Alfie (his brother) had had his adoption fall through again. However, all of his brothers and sisters were adopted and book on the ferry to come the following Saturday, so he would have been the only one left. Of course, he had to come on that ferry he was booked on!! So, at the beginning of October 2016 we picked Alfie up too and he was so pleased to be reunited with his brother!
We couldn’t have hoped for two more fantastic dogs. They are amazing, living in a household with 3 cats also, so they cuddle up to and wash! We have also just welcomed in our newest addition...our baby girl...again they have surprised us in being totally loving with her. Archie especially, as he is a nanny dog! 😂 He sleeps next to her crib and frets if she cries until we get to her.
We simply wouldn’t be without them and always recommend people looking for dogs to get a Greekie 🥰.


This little bin miracle got stuck with me 2.5 years ago. She is such a dream that I'm scared of getting another dog!
Now trained in scent tracking and is a therapy dog 🐕.



We adopted our little man from Healing Paws in October 2018. He is so cuddly and so friendly. We love him so much and would 100% adopt again. The process of adopting was so easy and so organized. He settled straight away and we have never had a problem with him. He fits into our family and couldn’t be more happy!


What would we do without our little girl, Purdie? She has kept us in order over the last 3 years and loves life to the full. She has a bed upstairs, downstairs, half the settee and sleeps on our bed occasionally (not spoilt.....!) She will soon be joined by a little Greekie sister so me and the wife will slip down the pecking order. We wouldn't have it any other way. God bless you Sue and the amazing staff at Healing Paws for all you do. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of getting a pet to get in contact with you first. Looking forward to our new addition like expectant parents.....xxxxxx


This is Bailey. He exploded into our lives
in August 2018.
He is the most crazy, loving dog I've ever known. He loves cuddles and sitting on my lap (although he's a bit big for this but he doesn't care!) with his head on my shoulder. He loves everyone and adores our granddaughter.
Bailey is a wonderful addition to our family and we wouldn't be without him.


We adopted our gorgeous big boy, Apollo, back in November 2019. Originally, we had no intentions of adopting a dog from abroad, but somehow we ended up finding Healing Paws and falling in love with his photo and description.

Not meeting your dog before is nerve wracking but Sue, Tracey and the team work so hard to make the adoption process thorough and smooth.

We can't imagine our life without our silly goofball now. Apollo has stolen so many hearts and has made a huge impact on our lives.

We are so grateful to Healing Paws for everything. Please support them and their lovely dogs and cats!