Twinkle – Reserved

Young - Female
Adopted Small

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Twinkle was found with her sister Sprinkle at the side of a road in a new cardboard box. Our volunteers was venturing out from their home one day and as they drove passed they had an awful feeling as you would not normally see a brand new box just sitting there. It was so out of place !. Did it actually have a brand new Iron in it ? So they turned round and went back dreading what they may find. Their fears were confirmed. Two tiny puppies inside. Someone had bought a brand new iron but then used it to dump two very tiny puppies in !!

Twinkle was born approximately 28.11.2019 and will stay small. Twinkle is black with more white than her sister. Her legs are slightly longer and more slender than her sisters but she will still stay small.  She has wiry fluffs of fur all over her. VERY cute !

Twinkle is more laid back and quieter than her sister. She loves nothing more than to than to curl up with her best mate Pee Wee on a blanket in the house. She has a lovely nature and is sociable with all the other pups. She prefers to watch first before she joins in with play so not a leader but a follower.

Both Twinkle and her sister Sprinkle get along with all the other dogs, pups and cats in their foster home.


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