Spice – Reserved Pending Home Check

Young - Female
Adopted Small

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Spice was taken in by Healing Paws when she was posted with her sister on a local Lost and Found Group. As it turns out she or her sister Sugar was neither lost or found but unwanted puppies from an owned dog. They had already given one puppy away, even though they was too young to leave their mother we had no choice but to take the remaining 2 or who knows where they would have gone too, possibly even dumped.

Spice was born approximately 10.01.20 and is anticipated to stay small. Please note photos always make them look bigger than they actually are. Spice is subservient to her sister and is just an all round little poppet.

Spice has a variety of browns shades in her fur, fluffy ears and short stumpy legs. She looks to have some characteristics of Kokoni in her. She is a cuddle monster and when you pick her up she just flops into your arms.

Spice has a superb nature and she is excellent with other puppies and amazing with cats.

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