Sophia – Reserved

Young - Female
Adoptable Small

Sophia is around 8 months old, she has stunning brindle colouring, we believe her mum was a French bulldog mix, this, along with her undershot jaw gives her face slightly square features. She is currently around 10kg so we think she will remain smallish. She is short coated, but some tail, leg & bum feathers are developing beautifully!

Sophia is in foster in Sussex and her foster mum says
“After seeing her come out of her shell over the last few days, I can see she’s such a character, she makes me laugh with her antic’s and then coo when she falls asleep on me giving a big heavy sigh. She is incredibly loving but also still very much a puppy, she loves to chew toys & play! At first she growled at my other dogs & needed to learn from them, but now she joins in with their play time”

Due to Sophia’s change of circumstance she is nervous of being left alone, even though this is improving daily we do need someone home based, who can slowly build up the time she is alone. We also require an experienced dog home as, at the moment, she is fearful of noises & is quick to growl & bark, she is also easily spooked on her walk so someone would need to be understanding of this. She adores her cuddles & would love to be an only dog or have a young companion dog to play with, she can growl at new dogs around her but this is purely as she doesn’t yet know how to behave. Any companion dog would need to be pretty chilled & happy to share, as Sophia is first up on her human’s lap! She is used to being allowed on the sofa & bed so this will need to continue.
She is ‘confident cat’ friendly, she will chase in play if they run!
Sophia will need spaying in the future.