Lilly – Reserved

Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium

Lilly was found by one of the volunteer feeders when she was returning from the vets early one evening. She stopped to feed her as she was seemed to be waiting in the middle of the road for something . It was at this point the lady noticed and awful wound on her neck where a collar that had been too tight or something else had caused a raw wound (photos attached) .  Lilly was posted on one of the local groups to see if anyone had lost her. With her horrific wound one of our volunteers went to pick her up as she needed medical attention and sure enough there she was waiting in the middle of the road by some houses that was not inhabited.  The vets checked her for a microchip but of course there was nothing. Her neck wound has now healed so well thankfully.

The vet estimates Lilly to be about 4 years old, approx date of birth 10.06.16. She is a good old Zakynthian mix but stands like a pointer although much stockier than a pointer  her foster mum says. She is very beautiful.  She currently weighs 15kg and measures 53cm in Height (floor to shoulders)

Lilly loves and gets along with all humans, other dogs and the cats too. She has slotted straight into the foster carers house like she  always lived there. She is house trained  and has definitely lived in a house before.  She is neither a leader nor submissive with the other dogs but just one of the tribe.

Lilly is very relaxed in the home and garden but she does however get nervous when taken out of the garden and her foster carer thinks this is because she thinks she is going to be dumped again.  This is improving and as her profile photos were being taken she was walking fine in her harness in the olive groves and everyone was so proud of her.  Due to Lilly being an adult no young children please under 10 years of age.

Lilly has finished her vaccinations and has been sterilised. She is ready to find her forever happy ever after.

If you are interested in adopting this beauty and for more information, please complete our online application form.