Cody – Reserved Pending Home Check

Young - Male
Adoptable Medium

Cody and his siblings was born to a stray setter mum on the streets. She was named Cindy and was taken care of by the Laganas Feeding Group. When she disappeared for a few days they were extremely worried but then found her with 6 new born babies. Consequently we took them into foster care. Sadly 3 of the puppies didn’t make it but Cody and his brothers did and they are stunning!

Cody  was born approximately 28.03.20 and is a setter mix. He is the heaviest of the litter, although not the biggest and has the shape and body of a proper setter .We expect him to grow to be the larger size of medium.  Cindy their mum is currently approximately 15kg but she is still gaining weight as being a street stray and feeding babies took its toll on her body. She was given extra food and vitamins once with us of course and now she is starting to gain body mass once again. Cody is white with honey freckles .

Cody  lives with other dogs, puppies and cats. He is extremely lovable and cuddly. He is the quietest  of the litter but always loves to be in the middle of all the play and running around ! He is adorable  and will snuggle up on your lap and happy to sit there just cuddling for ages. This we think is because he was so ill as a puppy with hook worms, he was given extra cuddles from his foster parents at that time. He has an amazing temperament and loves the other dogs, cats and people ! A very gentle loving boy..

Cody  has finished his vaccinations and is ready to find his forever home.

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