Cleo – Reserved

Young - Female
Adopted Small

This dog has been adopted, look on our available dogs page for many more looking for a forever home...

Cleo was found along with her brother in a bin when she was tiny, only about four weeks old. The lady who found them contacted us for help. Sadly the little chap didn’t make it as had a very severe worm infestation.

Cleo was so small for a long time so I kept her in a large cage in my lounge. In another cage were three other small pups, Patsy, Purdy and Jojo. After several weeks as Cleo was all alone we decided to put them into one cage. The three little ones used to stand on their hind legs in a row when we entered the room. So they became known as Cleo and the Meerkats!!

Cleo was born approx 11th November 2019. She is a small girl perhaps a Spaniel mix with her fluffy ears. We believe she will stay a small lap type girl. She loves to be loved!! She has a thick black coat with white markings.

Cleo is great with the other dogs and puppies, loves cats and children. She will be happy in any family! She is loving, playful, inquisitive, comes when called, loves everything and everybody.

Cleo has finished her vaccinations and is ready to travel to her new home. 945000001963325 If you are interested in adopting this beauty and for more information, please complete our online application form.