Bobbie – Reserved

Adult - Male
Adoptable Medium

Bobbie was rescued by a friend of one of our volunteers. He had been tied up since a puppy sadly by his owner and was not wanted anymore. He was in quite a bad state when rescued but after a bath and a spruce up with some good quality food he looked much better.

Bobbie was born approximately 10.8.2018. Not sure what mix of breed he is as he has a collie type face but short legs. Possibly a bit of kokoni in there too. He currently weighs 13kg and although he may put a bit more weight on he will not grow anymore

Bobbie is good with other dogs but he definitely DOES NOT like cats. He is an active and bouncy boy but this is most likely due to the fact  he has been tied up all his life coupled with the fact he needs to be sterilised, which will be done before he is homed.

Since Bobbie has been getting the attention he so desperately craves from his foster family, he has already started to quieten down from when he was first rescued. He loves his belly rubs and will lay quiet whilst he is fussed. He is ok on the lead and this is improving daily as he gets used to walking on one.

Bobbie is also good with people and wags his tail as the vet examines him and took his blood for tests. As he is an adult boy, we prefer not to home to families with children under 10 years of age when we do not know their full history.

Bobbie has finished his vaccinations, blood tested clear but is yet to be sterilised. He will be ready to travel from end of August onwards.

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