Greekie Dog Walk - April 2018

Another overwhelming number of beautiful Greek rescue dogs and their adopted families in the UK all made the effort to be reunited with Sue Deeth in Hove Park! Sue was visting family and friends in the UK and came for the third year in a row for the annual Greekie meet-up. Many tears were shed as Sue was re-united with so many of the dogs, she has rescued over the years, and met their families in person at last. The crowd that could make it, were all truly wonderful people, all happy to share the stories of their much loved dogs with each other, as they waited patiently to have a hug and a chat with Sue. It was a sight to see, we were certainly noticed in Hove Park - you couldn't miss us! So many wonderful dogs, of all shapes, sizes, ages and characters, many reunited with siblings, parents or dogs that they had played with during their time with Sue in Greece... tissues are always a must on this day! Here are just some of the photos that I took on the day... I tried to capture as many as possible with the help of my daughter, but I couldn't keep count! - so apologies to anyone who was there on the day and I missed them!... There was a raffle to raise funds for Sue's rescues and the prize was awarded on the day... as Sue enjoyed a much needed coffee and a catch up with friends. For anyone thinking of adopting from Sue in Greece... have a look at all these beautiful happy endings... there really is the perfect match for everyone... Sue will find the one for you.

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Greekie rescue dog walk in Hove Park - April 2017

Sue Deeth came over to the UK again this year with her daughter Robbie and grandchildren, to visit friends and family and be the star guests at the Greekie meet-up and walk in Hove Park. It was an even bigger turn out than last year and it was quite emotional to see quite how many dogs Sue has saved and how many happy families there were with beautiful, happy dogs and puppies now very much a family member. We were stopped by many passers by to ask what the occasion was! Many dogs were reunited with siblings and mothers with their puppies, now all grown up - they never forget each other and they clearly never forget Sue Deeth. The dogs played and played and everyone shared their stories of how their dogs came to be with them... there were tears of happiness and it really was overwhelming to be a part of a so many people who dedicate their lives to rescuing and adopting - nothing compares to the pure joy watching rescue dogs play and be full of joy and happiness... Sue Deeth makes all this possible - what an inspirational and wonderful lady... I attended with my own dog and camera to take photos of the wonderful day and here are a few of the beautiful moments captured on the day...  

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Beautiful Gypsy experiencing love at last

This poor dog appeared by the Pizza taverna on the salt flats at Alykes. Very skinny, hungry, with damaged eyes and a damaged ear. Sue was notified but she was flooded in at the time so a lovely couple went to look for her and found her asleep behind some bins on a pile of rubbish. Sue has called her Gypsy. She is weak but has thankfully blood tested clear. Her ear is very badly injured but she is over the worst with it. She has eye infections and a small amount of clouding in them, she has drops for them so fingers crossed they will improve. Perhaps she has had some trauma to her head which caused the ear to be damaged and the blindness as she has a lump on her head too.

Gypsy has stitches in her stomach, so she may have been sterilised about two months ago, or perhaps a cesarean or other operation of some sort. Sue will monitor her closely to see if she can figure this out. Poor Gypsy is very dirty, her coat is in a dreadful state, the pile of fur is what the vet had to shave from around her ears. She was so well behave and so very grateful to all who have helped her. Sue had to carry her to her car and put her in her boot and all the while Gypsy was placid and lovely and showed her so much affection which Sue found very beautiful and emotional. Gypsy is now at Sue's making friends with the other rescue dogs and cats and at last enjoying some love, warmth ,food, medication and a safe home environment... Thank you Sue for saving another life! If you would like to help Sue fund Gypsy's recovery so that she can get better quickly and find her a wonderful home, then please help by donating what you can... all details and links to paypal are on the website... Thank you 16463296_10154373563363511_7013211376841460893_o 16463598_10154373582193511_4196167005541135819_o 16487232_10154373584033511_7778976321416063246_o 16487688_10154373561798511_8379195032711731240_o 16601703_10154377919163511_7137018544877705749_o 16602113_10154373563368511_4656878078042788583_o16602437_10154373584718511_3576925065086691179_o16665050_10154373589513511_669542513942186413_o16602168_10154370634963511_4622222079859425161_o 16665091_10154370635033511_3317195186273202860_o 16665496_10154377918868511_7850795534545973132_o

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Galaxy and her eleven puppies...

Sue heard about Galaxy when she picked up Kareema an English Setter, these two used to hang about together on the salt flats in Alykes. Sue would see Galaxy now and again as she travelled around a lot! Sue tried to catch Galaxy on numerous occasions but she was so afraid, that she couldn't get anywhere near here, she left food, but it was difficult as she was always in a different place, every time she saw her. Sue didn't see her at all over Christmas and the New Year and thought something had happened to her until suddenly she spotted her looking heavily pregnant. Sue left food for her everyday and   hoped that Galaxy would get used to the sight of her car and learn to trust her.  Sue was dropping her daughter Robbie home one day and there was Galaxy sat right outside Robbie's house. She began to run up the road, so Sue followed her slowly, she stopped on a dirt track road so Sue pulled over and Robbie flew out of the car, Galaxy legged it down the road with Robbie following her. Galaxy saw Robbie and jumped over a big ditch full of running water and ran up a steep grassy bank. Robbie did the same! Sue said it was such a shame that she didn't manage to film it! Robbie jumped over the ditch and crawled up the bank, on all fours and finally reached Galaxy, who by this stage was laying panting under an olive tree. Robbie laid down and crawled to her and carefully slipped her hand around her neck and sat up next to her.  Sue threw up a lead.  Robbie walked her through the olive grove and onto the road further down.  Galaxy was so scared that she would not even look at them and Sue had to carry her inside.  Galaxy would not eat until they had walked away and she cowered and shook when she saw them walking towards her.

Poor Galaxy had clearly been very ill treated but within a few days Galaxy began to trust Sue enough to come inside... before long Galaxy had made herself very much at home and was cuddled up next to Sue in her bed and this is where Galaxy decided she wanted to have her puppies.

Sue stayed by Galaxy's side and helped her give birth to eleven beautiful puppies... 5 girls and 6 boys. Heaven knows what would have happened to Galaxy and her puppies if Sue and Robbie hadn't been so persistent in catching her. You can see by Galaxy's face how grateful she is and Sue said it was a very magical moment to be there by her side and help her to give birth. What a wonderfully happy ending... In time they will all be up for adoption...15937283_10154304760098511_4764820235279547763_o 15972378_10154304760073511_1034359353296840586_o 16112493_10154304759093511_2411535267194829565_o 16113383_10154324470893511_1704699424023882351_o 16179000_10154325539218511_1807240161131280617_o 16179318_10154325540098511_9208275667277730694_o 16179754_10154324469983511_5055639129021818310_o 16251925_10154332768533511_5104241481651458469_o 16252010_10154332765463511_9039189386137511370_o (1) 16252010_10154332765463511_9039189386137511370_o 16299823_10154332767553511_7995530441133072549_o 16300523_10154354917268511_4326894021158129586_o 16402576_10154354917098511_654030445235427918_o 16403037_10154362983613511_113797907079462827_o 16423073_10154362990848511_6065198565582884043_o 16463070_10154362986843511_829216934897777944_o 16487058_10154362990458511_5932021668884421128_o 16487135_10154362989008511_6744666966592869567_o 16487530_10154362989568511_6433114234681396620_o

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Injured puppy left for dead - now living the dream!

A lady contacted Sue to attend a puppy that had been hit by a car and left to die at the roadside. When Sue arrived she found the puppy in a terrible state... fragile, weak, dehydrated, starving, covered with insects, ticks and fleas, weeping eyes and the most appalling and badly mutilated front leg. The poor puppy was suffering so much, by the look in her eyes it was clear she had given up. She could not move or walk.

Sue took her home and cleaned her up dealing with all the ticks and gave her a good meal which she very much enjoyed, Sue then gave her pain killers and made her comfortable for the night. The next morning she was up and about, walking around with her leg tucked underneath her and walking on her elbow. Sue took her to the vet and she was put on a course of antibiotics and pain killers, with ointment for her eyes to treat an infection. Sue built up her strength with a good diet, so she was strong enough for the operation needed to amputate her leg. Such a sweet natured girl, she just needed some time to go through her operation and heal her body and soul. She was so very lucky to have been found by Sue, so she could heal and be given the chance to live a full and happy life. The cost of this puppy's treatment was over 230e. Thankfully an overwhelming amount of lovely people donated money to help and cover the cost of her operation... Sue found this very emotional and is eternally grateful... The operation went fantastically and Sue nursed this little girl through her recovery... before long this puppy had touched many hearts and one family in particular just knew that they wanted her to be a part of their family forever... This wonderful puppy, now known as 'Hope' is now living in the UK with a wonderful family that already have two rescue dogs from Sue... There is nothing more wonderful than a truly happy ending... 13710562_10153791337178511_2816911875243652002_o13717417_10153791337618511_5110073322893745015_o

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Sue visits England Spring 2016

Sue Deeth and her daughter Robbie took a few days break to come to England and stay with their close family friend Sue Metcalf. Oliver Deeth held the fort back home in Zakynthos and did a fantastic job all by himself - he made his mum very proud. Sue spent her holiday travelling around the UK, catching up with friends, family and many people that have adopted dogs from her... On April 6th 2016 Sue arranged a walk in Hove Park, Hove/Brighton at 11am for anyone that would like to meet up and bring their much loved dog along... The turn out was fantastic! It was an emotional moment when Sue walked into the park and saw all the people that had been able to come. The dogs definitely recognised Sue and it was wonderful for all the dogs to play together and enjoy a walk around the park. It was so lovely for Sue to see that all her hard work and dedication to these abandoned animals really does pay off... So many happy faces and such a wonderful community of dog lovers sharing their stories of how Sue saved their much loved dog... Having a Greek dog from Sue Deeth can put you in touch with many like minded people and life long friendships can be made. The 'Healing Paws Dog Rescue... Home At Last' Facebook Page has really taken off and many people post photos of their dogs and get advise from each other when they adopt a new rescue. Sue turns animal cruelty and neglect into happy endings. Here is all the proof you need... (Click on the individual images to see their full size)


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Beautiful Bowie and her pups!

Sue has recently found a beautiful dog now called Bowie... she has seven tiny 3/4 day old puppies. Sue has made her and her babies comfortable in her new second hand little wooden shed. Bowie decided she preferred to be out in the garden with the new love of her life, Barney! So Bowie has taken the front of the shed! Sue had to play some puppy chess as its not just a case of moving them from one area to another, every change has to be pressure washed and disinfected so as not to have the risk of infection! Poor Sue is working so hard at the moment as the puppies just keep on coming!

Bowie is extremely skinny and is on a very high protein diet to get her milk supply back up so she can continue to nurse her babies. Any help that you could spare Sue at the moment would be so gratefully received... or equally keep watching this space for when all of these beauties will be healthy and strong and ready for adoption...

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Uncontrollably happy to have been found!

Sue has found yet another stray mum with six skinny little puppies - so sad. They are now safe in her friend's garden. Sue has been visiting them with food supplies and has treated them all for worms and fleas. They will be going to live with Sue as soon as she has made some space for them to be comfortable... which will be tricky as she has so many rescues at the moment! It's soul destroying to see so many little souls left to suffer and overwhelming how forgiving this beautiful dog is - she is just so happy to have some human contact... ... all of them will be up for adoption, when they are ready...

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Two week old puppies found in a bin

Five new arrivals this morning... They were found in a bin inside a plastic bag in Tragaki by a man who cared enough about them to ring round and find them help. Thank you Steve! They are only a few days old. Two of them are not pooing very well and they really dont like the bottle, so Sue is syringe feeding them to make sure they take enough in, every three hours. They dont like that either. All of this is such hard work for Sue and it is very early days for them, but as Sue always does, she will do everything she can to save them. Any help with donations or just some good wishes and support would be so gratefully received.

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Saving Sylvia...

Sue and Oli found this poor dog under Sue's car. She was very afraid and it took a lot of compassion and patience to coax her out. She had been dumped outside their home and hidden under the car in fear. Sue named her Sylvia and took her straight to the vets. Sylvia is about two years old and a Setter mix. She has blood tested clear. Her eye has been injured and her sight can't be saved in that eye but Sue put a course of drops in her eye to make sure it was as comfortable as can be. She had a very bad chest infection so she also had a course of antibiotics for ten days and steroids for a few days to get it under control. Sylvia is now a VERY happy and healthy girl and is up for adoption!

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