Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the dogs toilet trained?
A: Sue doesn’t house train the dogs but they do learn to go to the toilet outside due to the layout of her house and surrounding grounds. You would need to re-enforce training, like you would with any new dog.

Q: Can we get a discount for more then one dog/puppy
A: Sadly not as all the costs of vaccination, micro chip, passport, transport etc is still the same for each individual dog/puppy.

Q: Diet
A: ‘Greekies’ are not usually fussy eaters, if a particular dog is, then Sue will advise you on what they will eat. Sue suggests that chicken and rice is given for a few days with their new food gradually introduced. Sue feeds a complete dry food, that she obtains from the vet, twice daily for the older pups and dogs and three times a day for the smaller pups.

Q: Why should I adopt from Zakynthos when there are so many in the UK needing homes?
A: The dogs and puppies, on the island, have very little chance of survival. There are no shelters and rare chances of a good home on the Island. Furthermore they are great dogs, often hardy with a mixed lineage, avoiding common pure-bred ailments. Once rescued they are integrated into a home environment with up to 70 other dogs and cats, leaving them very well socialised. Sue often receives updates and pictures of the adopted dogs, many of which can be found on this site.