About the strays

Sadly Zakynthos is over run with stray dogs (and many cats too).

Some stray dogs begin their life as a new puppy for the children to play with, only to be abandoned in the mountains or on the street once the puppy stage has come to an end.

Many dogs are kept for hunting, but due to their soft nature are of no use, and again left to fend for themselves on the street. Some are left chained up outside homes to be used as watch dogs, without food or water.

Most Zakynthos dogs are of mixed breed with none of the pure breed pedigree ailments. Greek dogs are naturally soft natured and are yearning for human companionship.

The dogs are seldom spayed or neutered and therefore the dogs will have many litters and once their puppies are born they are taken away, dumped in bins or destroyed.

Naturally these domesticated dogs are completely dependant on the love and care of a human and as strays they will eventually starve to death, get hit by cars or some are even poisoned or shot. There are many horror stories.