About Sue and her rescues

11175002_1593058584308769_7010709838741305024_nSue moved to Zakynthos Island 14 years ago with her two children. Sue runs her own successful business in Holistic Healing and massage with her daughter Robbie.


Sue’s daughter Robbie is now happily married with two beautiful children of her own. Sue’s son Oli is 18 years old and plays a big part in rescuing the dogs and looking after them until they’re re-homed.


Out of the pure goodness of their hearts, Sue and Oli rescue and welcome these unfortunate animals into their home and rehabilitate them, with their naturally warm and healing natures. Oli has inherited Sue’s natural connection with animals and they both share the ability to calm and heal any stray that they encounter.

Together they take care of every animal until Sue can organise for them to be transported safely to another country to live in their new forever home.

10496925_10152555262183511_2723985928650754323_oSue re-homed over 100 dogs and puppies last year alone! You can see some recent success stories on the news page.

Sue finds animals in all sorts of places and takes them straight to the vet for a check up where the animal will have their vaccinations, worming, and any other treatment needed. They are tested for leishmaniasis (sand fly disease) and Ehrlichiosis (tick fever) and medicated as needed. Sue looks after them in her home until they are adopted and will be safe and loved forever. The rabies vaccination is carried out before getting their pet passport to travel.

Sue’s local veterinarian Spyros is a very compassionate man who has a great understanding of Sues plight. Spiros runs a tab for Sue which she keeps up to date with once payment and donations come in from generous supporters and adopters.

Sue has a loving and healing home environment with her son Oli and their own resident cats and dogs. Sue keeps the dogs looking for adoption within her home so they’re well socialised with all dogs and cats. The cats and dogs all live together in a huge loving pack and each new member is welcomed. They all groom each other, play together and sleep together! Due to the family environment at Sue’s home, these dogs can be re-homed with most animals (unless otherwise specified on their profile).

All of Sue’s hand reared and bottle fed puppies are very affectionate and loving due to the close human companionship at such a young age.

S10986876_10152741837878511_4920692091293094869_oue is regularly visited by her daughter and grand children, so the animals are well integrated with very young children too. In some cases a dog can’t be rehomed with children, due to their history, this will be specified on their profile.

These dogs are all yearning for their forever home, where they can have the one on one special relationship that they all crave and Sue needs to make room for the never ending strays and abandoned puppies that she finds each week.

10959740_1555742471373714_5767519593965295280_nSome people come to Zakynthos on holiday and find and fall in love with a stray. They feel helpless as they do not know how they can take this dog home with them. Well Sue and Oli will help! They will take the dog in for you and take care of them until they’re ready to travel to your home.

Sue has recently been awarded registered charity status which will help protect all the animals in thier care and will hopefully make fundraising easier… as the constant vet bills alone can push her and her family in hardship – so therefore any donations are always appreciated so very much.