Greekie rescue dog walk in Hove Park – April 2017

Greekie rescue dog walk in Hove Park – April 2017

Sue Deeth came over to the UK again this year with her daughter Robbie and grandchildren, to visit friends and family and be the star guests at the Greekie meet-up and walk in Hove Park.

It was an even bigger turn out than last year and it was quite emotional to see quite how many dogs Sue has saved and how many happy families there were with beautiful, happy dogs and puppies now very much a family member.

We were stopped by many passers by to ask what the occasion was!

Many dogs were reunited with siblings and mothers with their puppies, now all grown up – they never forget each other and they clearly never forget Sue Deeth.

The dogs played and played and everyone shared their stories of how their dogs came to be with them… there were tears of happiness and it really was overwhelming to be a part of a so many people who dedicate their lives to rescuing and adopting – nothing compares to the pure joy watching rescue dogs play and be full of joy and happiness…

Sue Deeth makes all this possible – what an inspirational and wonderful lady…

I attended with my own dog and camera to take photos of the wonderful day and here are a few of the beautiful moments captured on the day…


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