Galaxy and her eleven puppies…

Galaxy and her eleven puppies…

Sue heard about Galaxy when she picked up Kareema an English Setter, these two used to hang about together on the salt flats in Alykes. Sue would see Galaxy now and again as she travelled around a lot!
Sue tried to catch Galaxy on numerous occasions but she was so afraid, that she couldn’t get anywhere near here, she left food, but it was difficult as she was always in a different place, every time she saw her.
Sue didn’t see her at all over Christmas and the New Year and thought something had happened to her until suddenly she spotted her looking heavily pregnant. Sue left food for her everyday and   hoped that Galaxy would get used to the sight of her car and learn to trust her.  Sue was dropping her daughter Robbie home one day and there was Galaxy sat right outside Robbie’s house. She began to run up the road, so Sue followed her slowly, she stopped on a dirt track road so Sue pulled over and Robbie flew out of the car, Galaxy legged it down the road with Robbie following her.
Galaxy saw Robbie and jumped over a big ditch full of running water and ran up a steep grassy bank. Robbie did the same! Sue said it was such a shame that she didn’t manage to film it!
Robbie jumped over the ditch and crawled up the bank, on all fours and finally reached Galaxy, who by this stage was laying panting under an olive tree. Robbie laid down and crawled to her and carefully slipped her hand around her neck and sat up next to her.  Sue threw up a lead.  Robbie walked her through the olive grove and onto the road further down.  Galaxy was so scared that she would not even look at them and Sue had to carry her inside.  Galaxy would not eat until they had walked away and she cowered and shook when she saw them walking towards her.

Poor Galaxy had clearly been very ill treated but within a few days Galaxy began to trust Sue enough to come inside… before long Galaxy had made herself very much at home and was cuddled up next to Sue in her bed and this is where Galaxy decided she wanted to have her puppies.

Sue stayed by Galaxy’s side and helped her give birth to eleven beautiful puppies… 5 girls and 6 boys. Heaven knows what would have happened to Galaxy and her puppies if Sue and Robbie hadn’t been so persistent in catching her. You can see by Galaxy’s face how grateful she is and Sue said it was a very magical moment to be there by her side and help her to give birth. What a wonderfully happy ending… In time they will all be up for adoption…15937283_10154304760098511_4764820235279547763_o 15972378_10154304760073511_1034359353296840586_o 16112493_10154304759093511_2411535267194829565_o 16113383_10154324470893511_1704699424023882351_o 16179000_10154325539218511_1807240161131280617_o 16179318_10154325540098511_9208275667277730694_o 16179754_10154324469983511_5055639129021818310_o 16251925_10154332768533511_5104241481651458469_o 16252010_10154332765463511_9039189386137511370_o (1) 16252010_10154332765463511_9039189386137511370_o 16299823_10154332767553511_7995530441133072549_o 16300523_10154354917268511_4326894021158129586_o 16402576_10154354917098511_654030445235427918_o 16403037_10154362983613511_113797907079462827_o 16423073_10154362990848511_6065198565582884043_o 16463070_10154362986843511_829216934897777944_o 16487058_10154362990458511_5932021668884421128_o 16487135_10154362989008511_6744666966592869567_o 16487530_10154362989568511_6433114234681396620_o

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