Greekie Dog Walk – April 2018

Greekie Dog Walk – April 2018

Another overwhelming number of beautiful Greek rescue dogs and their adopted families in the UK all made the effort to be reunited with Sue Deeth in Hove Park!

Sue was visting family and friends in the UK and came for the third year in a row for the annual Greekie meet-up. Many tears were shed as Sue was re-united with so many of the dogs, she has rescued over the years, and met their families in person at last.

The crowd that could make it, were all truly wonderful people, all happy to share the stories of their much loved dogs with each other, as they waited patiently to have a hug and a chat with Sue.

It was a sight to see, we were certainly noticed in Hove Park – you couldn’t miss us! So many wonderful dogs, of all shapes, sizes, ages and characters, many reunited with siblings, parents or dogs that they had played with during their time with Sue in Greece… tissues are always a must on this day!

Here are just some of the photos that I took on the day… I tried to capture as many as possible with the help of my daughter, but I couldn’t keep count! – so apologies to anyone who was there on the day and I missed them!…

There was a raffle to raise funds for Sue’s rescues and the prize was awarded on the day… as Sue enjoyed a much needed coffee and a catch up with friends.

For anyone thinking of adopting from Sue in Greece… have a look at all these beautiful happy endings… there really is the perfect match for everyone… Sue will find the one for you.

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