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Mother and puppy rescue

Mother and puppy rescue

Sue went to see this beautiful mum and her 8 puppies, this poor dog has lived her whole life of about 3/4 years on that chain, it’s so wrong.

Look how they all lived. The poor loving mum is so affectionate and happy to see Sue, Ollie and their friend, considering all she has known is life on the end of a chain in the middle of an olive grove, with the only visitors being kind ladies feeding them. Sue walked over to her, stroked her and she was rewarded with kisses.

Sue has rescued them all and they will be up for adoption when they have had time to recover, had vaccinations etc.

You can see the rescue of Daphne and her babies here and how they are all doing now… It is so heartwarming to see. Sue has so many puppies at the moment, she found a further 8 puppies dumped next to her home, only a day later! Sue is desperate for any help right now, so please donate if you would like to help her and her rescues. Thank you

A new year message from Sue Deeth

Happy New Year with lots of thanks, love, woofs and licks from us all at Holistic Heaven Healing Paws.

It was a brilliant year for re homing, we managed to home 117 fur babes. Thats 107 puppies and 10 kittens, happy babes with great homes but also 117 families with extra unconditional love, laughter and fun, which as a healer means the world to me. The fur babes from here are all special, many have lived through dreadful things, been abused, thrown in bins, taken from their mums far too early, too much stress, but they have left the hell they knew and as far as they are concerned are now in heaven!

Thank you to all the families who have given our rescues such wonderful homes. Thank you to all those of you fantastic friends who help me with your donations, fund raising and standing orders, without your help I could not help them. Thank you for all the moral and supporting messages you give me. Thank you to Sue Metcalf my special friend from the uk who helps me out so much with the admin and collects up all the donations and sends them over. Thank you to Meg and Peter Getliffe and to Sarah Rochford and her husband for taking all the babes safely to the uk for me. Thank you to Donna and Gareth Edwards for making and doing the admin on our website Huge thank you to Laura and friends at Holbrook Animal Rescue for all your help and support and to my new rescue friends Rebecca Leather, Chloe Harrold and Sarah Ceen at Beacon Animal Rescue Centre, so nice to of met you this year and looking forward to getting to know you better in 2016!

The biggest thank you to my wonderful vet Σπυρος Παρασχης who really does go above and beyond the call of duty, always happy to help me whatever the time or day. My biggest support.

Finally, I say with tears pouring down my cheeks, thank you to Oliver Deeth, my hero, I am so proud of you and what you sacrifice for me and the babes, not many sixteen year old boys would do what you do to help me. And of course to Robbie Deeth for her help and support and putting up with my raving and tears!

Love you all! Here is to an even better year and more and more homes for the rescued fur babes!

All babies need a loving mummy

One of Sue’s rescues is a lovely little dog called Poppy. Sue had her sterilised but shortly after this she experienced a phantom pregnancy, perhaps due to being surrounded by orphaned babies. Poppy produced milk and adopted four kittens!

Poppy became their full time foster mummy and enjoyed feeding them all cuddled up… Now the kittens are weened, healthy and happy and Poppy has recently been adopted and is moving to the UK.

Duchess and her adopted puppies

Duchess and her adopted puppies

Sue received some phone calls and messages regarding a female dog that looked heavily pregnant and had been dumped at a viewing point up in the mountains. She was sat at the side of the road looking longingly at each passing car – sadly this is a sign of a recently abandoned dog, waiting for their owner to return. The dog (now known as Duchess) had won the hearts of several tourists and was being fed well.  When Sue went to find Duchess, she did look pregnant and was full of milk, but her puppies were no where to be found and her nipples had not been used by any puppies. Sue took her to the vets who agreed her puppies must have been taken from her. So Sue took Duchess home and hoped that someone may find them but a week later they still hadn’t been found. Duchess was full of milk and Sue was about to give her tablets to help drain the milk.

The same week, Sue’s son Ollie had found a box of puppies that somebody had left in a sealed cardboard box outside their house. Inside were six tiny four week old puppies. They were very hot, dehydrated and weak. Sadly three died. The other three were doing okay but they were unwell. Sue was feeding them every three hours, but they were very frail.

Sue decided to introduce them to Duchess as she was so kind and sweet natured and had so much milk. It worked beautifully as Duchess loved them immediately!  The puppies snuggled up to Duchess and started to suckle immediately. A few days later and Duchess took over the full role of being their mummy, she washes them, feeds them and protects them… How wonderful, nature can be.

Duchess has been offered a wonderful home with a the tourists who initially contacted Sue about her and hopefully the three puppies will be up for adoption very soon…

Lexi finds a safe home for her puppy!…

Lexi finds a safe home for her puppy!…

A local lady contacted Sue as she was very concerned about a little dog who seemed to be feeding her puppies but she didn’t know where they were. Sue had a look around for them to no avail. The following day, a couple holidaying on the Island contacted Sue about the same dog and her puppy and told Sue where to look…

Sue found the puppy lying close to deep water on the salt flats, deep enough for him to drown, all very risky. Sue picked the puppy up to keep him safe and then his mother came racing up the road towards her, wagging her tail showing how happy she was to have help and human contact at last.

The couple on holiday have named the puppy Denis and have adopted him! He is now living with Sue until he is old enough to have his vaccinations and travel. Sue has called his mother Lexi and will be putting her up for adoption as soon as she has had her check up with the vet and settled in. She is a bundle of fluffy joy and only very young herself!

Below are images of Lexi and Denis when they were found, an image of Denis feeding and Dusty saying hello (Dusty is also up for adoption) and an image of Lexi and Denis having a nap after a busy day!

View adoption page for Lexi
View adoption page for Dusty

Mary and her little survivors – All re-homed!

Mary and her little survivors – All re-homed!

On 18th December a local lady in Zakynthos made an appeal on Facebook asking for help with a mum and her seven puppies, who were living in the roots of an old olive tree, by the side of a busy cut through road. The puppies were approximately four weeks old and were beginning to get active and wander onto the road – they were in a very dangerous situation.

Sue saw the post on the 23rd December, contacted the lady immediately and arranged to meet her so she could collect the dog and her puppies. When they arrived they found the mother on the on the opposite side of the road, in a very distressed state, licking two dead puppies and trying to revive them. The other puppies were missing.

Sue took them all to the vet and it appeared that the pups may have been thrown across the road and killed that way, as their tummies showed considerable bruising. The mother was in shock and was given treatment to calm her. Sue was heartbroken for her and took her home to care for her and find her a wonderful home with a caring family. Sue called her Mary.

The following day some teenagers found a male puppy on the road and took him home, but their parents would not let them keep him so they took him to a local vet. A lady was at the vet at the time and took his photo and posted it on Facebook appealing for someone to adopt him and the teenagers took him back home. Sue’s friend saw the post and contacted Sue and straight away they realised that he was one of the missing pups!  They collected him and he was so happy to see his mother again. Sue called him their Christmas ‘Miracle’.

On the 10th January Sue received a phone call from the lady who had been feeding them to say that three more of the puppies had been dumped on the end of her driveway. Sue went to collect them and the family were reunited!  Sue said it was an emotional time as so many tears had been shed through all the sadness and at last tears of joy were shed. They never found out where the three puppies had been or what happened to the seventh pup but somebody must have looked after the three, over Christmas and the New Year, as they were too young to have survived that amount of time by themselves. It remains a mystery. Sue called them Mojo, Maisey and Midnight.

Mary has been adopted as an only dog with a couple in the UK, the perfect home for her as she has gone through so much and just needs a quiet life and she has it!

Maisey and Midnight have been adopted by a lovely couple in the UK and Mojo has been adopted into the same family to their daughter.

All three families live close by and will keep in contact with each other. So Mary will always have contact with her puppies.

Sue said that this was one of her most emotional rescues, tears of loss, sadness and of joy. What a happy ending for this little family.

And Miracle? Miracle will be staying with Sue forever as they have a bond, so strong that they can never be parted! He settled in and didn’t want to leave. He has chosen Sue!

Pictured below: Five of the original images posted on the Facebook appeal. Sue holding Mary. Separate images of Mary, Miracle, Mojo, Maisey and Midnight for their adoption profiles. Two images on Mojo, settled in his forever home. Image of Midnight and Maisey snuggled up in their forever home.

A dream come true for Alva the stray

A dream come true for Alva the stray

A couple, on holiday in Zakynthos noticed a stray who lived beside some dustbins and fell in love with her.  She was always there, seemingly afraid to leave them, as she had realised people would feed her as they passed by! 

The lovely couple couldn’t bare the thought of going home and leaving her behind and tried to find a way to take her back to live with them forever. Their holiday was tainted by the fear that adopting her and taking her home wouldn’t be possible, as no one could help or advise them, until a friend of theirs, that lived on the Island, contacted Sue.

Sue collected Alva, that same weekend, and took her home. Alva is so beautiful to look at and in character and a pure delight to foster. Sue took her straight to the vet for her blood tests and first vaccination, she has had her worming medication and been treated for her tick and flea infestation. Oli gave her a much needed bath which she clearly loved and they have started the job of restoring her beautiful coat, which was so dirty and badly matted. She looks like a brand new dog!

Alva has started her new life and will be making her trip to the UK very soon, to be reunited with the wonderful couple that fell in love with her.