Beautiful Gypsy experiencing love at last

Beautiful Gypsy experiencing love at last

This poor dog appeared by the Pizza taverna on the salt flats at Alykes. Very skinny, hungry, with damaged eyes and a damaged ear. Sue was notified but she was flooded in at the time so a lovely couple went to look for her and found her asleep behind some bins on a pile of rubbish.

Sue has called her Gypsy. She is weak but has thankfully blood tested clear. Her ear is very badly injured but she is over the worst with it. She has eye infections and a small amount of clouding in them, she has drops for them so fingers crossed they will improve. Perhaps she has had some trauma to her head which caused the ear to be damaged and the blindness as she has a lump on her head too.

Gypsy has stitches in her stomach, so she may have been sterilised about two months ago, or perhaps a cesarean or other operation of some sort. Sue will monitor her closely to see if she can figure this out.

Poor Gypsy is very dirty, her coat is in a dreadful state, the pile of fur is what the vet had to shave from around her ears. She was so well behave and so very grateful to all who have helped her.

Sue had to carry her to her car and put her in her boot and all the while Gypsy was placid and lovely and showed her so much affection which Sue found very beautiful and emotional.

Gypsy is now at Sue’s making friends with the other rescue dogs and cats and at last enjoying some love, warmth ,food, medication and a safe home environment… Thank you Sue for saving another life!

If you would like to help Sue fund Gypsy’s recovery so that she can get better quickly and find her a wonderful home, then please help by donating what you can… all details and links to paypal are on the website… Thank you 16463296_10154373563363511_7013211376841460893_o 16463598_10154373582193511_4196167005541135819_o 16487232_10154373584033511_7778976321416063246_o 16487688_10154373561798511_8379195032711731240_o 16601703_10154377919163511_7137018544877705749_o 16602113_10154373563368511_4656878078042788583_o16602437_10154373584718511_3576925065086691179_o16665050_10154373589513511_669542513942186413_o16602168_10154370634963511_4622222079859425161_o 16665091_10154370635033511_3317195186273202860_o 16665496_10154377918868511_7850795534545973132_o

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