• Gender: female
  • DOB: 01/09/2020
  • Adult/Youngster: puppy
  • Potential Size: small/medium
  • Location: Zante
  • Neutered: no
  • Cat Friendly: yes
  • Suitable for Children: No
Violet 4

Violet's Story

Violet was a very skinny and scared stray girl. Very clever though as she took herself to a lovely lady’s house who contacted me for help. Sadly, I was not in a position to be able to take her so the lady kept her in foster for me. Now Violet has gained weight and is not scared anymore, she is beautiful! She has even learnt to trust men!
Violet was born approx. 1st September 2020. She is small/medium in size, about 12 kg and wont grow much more height-wise. She has a stunning inky- black, shiny, smooth coat with a few white markings. Looks possibly to be a Labrador mix.
Violet appears to be OK with other dogs and is good with the resident cats and chicks too! We have not tested her with children as she is still a little nervous until she gets to know you. Maybe best in an experienced dog home with no children.
Her is what her foster mummy says!…
Here the info about dear Violet 💜
I found her mid-March behind the house, skin and bones weighing about 7.5kg (gosh, that’s the weight of my male cat!) covered in ticks, hiding between buckets. So scared and so brave asking for help. It was obvious that she has had a bad experience with a male person – she’d get extremely nervous, wouldn’t stop barking, moving forth and back when anyone was around. Got even more agitated when she heard loud male voices and machinery noise. This has settled a lot. She is OK when she sees and hears a car approaching when we go for a walk (lots of treats helped). She still has issues with male visitors, this also applies to dogs but she is very friendly with them, but she lacks confidence. However, she really loves my boyfriend now so once she trusts a male all is fine. She walks ok-ish on the leash and has learned to respond to “sit”, “leave it” and “aus” (haha, sorry my German came through😆). She is very energetic, loves chewing, digging and a tug-of-war game. She now weighs about 12.5 kilos. She is totally fine with the cats now as they don’t run off anymore so no point in chasing 😉. So far she has only lived outside where she has a bed and shelter on the veranda. I wonder how she’d be in a family home – I am sure she’d adjust just fine, but somehow I imagine a quiet place would be most relaxing for her where she has someone who loves to play with her and understands her background.
UPDATE 11th August 2021
“Violet is doing very well. Naughty chewing away on everything she can get hold of 😉. She’s very eager to learn and bouncy and she actually has learned quite a few things. She’s a good guard dog, still a little careful and fearful with strangers but so much better! Loves her games and play with the cats! Her fur has turned real shiny. Of course it’d be really good for her to find someone who has time to train her🙂. There were guests next door with kids and after some barking and “making sure” she was fine. Whenever I sit next to her she puts her legs and head in my lap ❤.”
She has just finished her first season so will be sterilized in two months’ time. She will be ready to travel to her new family from the end of October.
If you are interested in adopting this beauty and for more information, please complete our online application form.

Rehome Violet

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