Teddy – In the UK


  • Gender: male
  • DOB: 15/08/2021
  • Adult/Youngster: adult
  • Potential Size: medium
  • Location: UK - Somerset
  • Neutered: yes
  • Cat Friendly: yes
  • Suitable for Children: Aged 5 and Over

Teddy – In the UK's Story

Do you have a Teddy-shaped space in your heart for this gentle, loveliest of boys?
Teddy finally got his happy-ever-after in the UK when he arrived a few weeks ago, however, he has found himself in a uniquely sad situation in that a member of his household is extremely allergic to him and we now need to find Teddy his forever home as soon as possible. Understandably, his adopters are absolutely heartbroken and describe Teddy as “the most soppy, loving dog with a gentle temperament. He loves fuss and cuddles and will make an amazing addition to any family. There is nothing Teddy won’t do or can’t learn, he really is a gorgeous dog.”
In the short space of time Teddy has been in the UK he has already learnt how to sit, shake paw and lie down on command. He is so eager to please, loves his walks and especially his food! He particularly loves his first ever toy and takes it to bed with him for cuddles! Teddy is great when walking on his lead and will already return off-lead if treats are involved! He is also fab when travelling in the car and will happily sit on his snuggle-rug in the secure bootspace watching the world go by out of the back window. Teddy is now generally toilet-trained with just the odd overnight accident indoors. When meeting other dogs, Teddy is a little submissive initially but quickly becomes friends and wants to play; he is fine with strangers. Teddy’s current adoptive family don’t have children or cats at home, but whilst in Zante, Teddy was great with both.
We are devastated that Teddy finds himself in this position, as he has already overcome so much in his short life so far. Please take the time to read his story:
Teddy and his two sisters were found cruelly tied up in a bag and thrown in a dustbin. They were two weeks old and had fly strike with maggots all over them. Sadly, Teddy’s sisters didn’t survive their ordeal but Teddy fought hard for his life. He had an eye infection (one is still a little cloudy but he can see through it), a big infestation of worms, as well as another bowel bacterial infection. He went from one antibiotic to the next and, as if he hadn’t already been through enough, at about four weeks of age and weighing only 0.45 kg, Teddy contracted Parvo. This disease is dreadful at the best of times but to a puppy so small, deadly…….. but he pulled through! How? None of us know! But it had taken its toll on his digestive system so the poor little chap suffered with diarrhoea for about two more months. Whatever he ate, straight through it went. He broke all of the rules and had a story with his health we had not seen before. We tested everything; blood, stools, urine. Tried every diet. He was so small and his immune system so weak, nothing seemed to help him. Finally, we tried another probiotic along with folic acid and vitamin supplements. Suddenly, after about six months, he started to gain weight and his health improved dramatically!
What a beautiful boy he is now! Teddy is perhaps a Spaniel/Collie Cross and, at 15 months old, is neutered and weighs a healthy 16Kg.
Teddy is happy, healthy, sweet and loving – our little miracle Teddy Bear!
Can you provide gentle Teddy with the life he so deserves? All he asks for is fuss, cuddles and attention – in return he will reward you with a lifetime of unconditional love!
If you are interested in adopting Teddy, please complete the Application Form.
Please email us at healingpawsanimalrescue@outlook.com if you can foster Teddy for us, or comment on the post and we will chat with you.

Rehome Teddy – In the UK

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