• Gender: female
  • DOB: 20/06/2020
  • Adult/Youngster: puppy
  • Potential Size: medium
  • Location: Zante
  • Neutered: no
  • Cat Friendly: no
  • Suitable for Children: Aged 10 and Over

Pocket's Story

Pocket was born to an owned dog whose owners had not had the mum sterilised. They thought they could breed her and make money from the puppies !!
Sadly, when this didn’t happen we was asked if we could help with the 4 puppies that no one wanted. We really had no choice but to take them into our care. The alternative doesn’t bare thinking about.

Pocket was born 20th June 2020 and looks to be a setter or setter mix. As we do not know the father of the puppies so we cannot be sure of the mix.

Pocket is the smallest of the litter. We anticipate the litter to be on the larger side of medium (literally setter size) but Pocket will most likely be medium in size.
Pocket has the most stunning black and tan markings. The colouring of a Gordon setter just like her 2 brothers and the curly fur setter ears.

All the puppies are very sociable and friendly. Pocket although the smallest is a confident happy puppy who will be easy to train. They have not been around cats as they have been in isolation whilst they have had their vaccinations. Older children only please.

Someone who has had working dog breed experience or understands a working dogs’ traits would be ideal as these intelligent animals need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Setters are classed as working dogs and may have a high prey drive, thus recall can be difficult. The ideal home would be where someone understands a setter’s traits and is prepared to channel those traits into positive training.

PLEASE NOTE – NOT a dog for first time dog owners.


Rehome Pocket

If you feel you would like to offer Pocket a loving home please click on this link to read our homing policy, please ensure you fully meet our criteria before submitting your application form.