• Gender: female
  • DOB: 10/10/2018
  • Adult/Youngster: adult
  • Potential Size: small
  • Location: Zante
  • Neutered: yes
  • Cat Friendly: yes
  • Suitable for Children: Aged 10 and Over

Lilac's Story

Lilac For Adoption
As you know, ALL our dogs are special and we love them and treat them all as if they was our own whilst they are in our care….. BUT every once in a while there is ONE dog that stands out above all others. ONE dog that despite all they have been through, shows courage, love, compassion and above all loyalty. ONE dog that is so special there are no words to describe them. ONE dog that everyone loves and would love to keep but she deserves so much more than being JUST one of many!

This is Lilac’s story.
Lilac was found a few months ago by some houses on a main road. She had been there for about a week waiting for her owners to come back, which of course they didn’t as she had been dumped. Not only dumped but she was heavily pregnant too, which is probably the reason why her so called owners dumped her in the first place!
One of our amazing foster carers’ picked her up and took her home. It wasn’t long before she gave birth to her 6 lovely puppies and did so in the safety of a home. Her foster mum was with her every step of the way as each puppy was born making sure Lilac did not get into difficulty.

Lilac was an amazing mum and raised her puppies the very best she could. She was still skinny from malnutrition herself but was given extra meals with vitamins to help her, help her babies. She kept them amazingly clean and soon they got the nickname of the Roly Polys as they were so well fed and looked after. They have all gone on to find their forever homes.

Once the Roly Polys had been weaned, some more puppies only a few days old had been found. Lilac’s milk had dried up by now but she helped her foster mum care for them by cleaning the pups up after they had been bottle fed and kept them warm. She also allowed them to suckle, and although we had hoped her milk may kick in again (sadly it didn’t), this gave the new pups comfort.

Lilac has the most amazing soul and she would make the most amazing addition to any family. Her foster mum loves her so very much BUT she says she deserves so much MORE than she can give her. If our foster families keep the dogs they help save, sadly there becomes less and less room for others that need saving. Each time a dog leave it breaks the foster carers hearts but they do it knowing that they have saved that animal. Also makes it easier knowing that they are letting them go to a much better life where they will be safe and loved forever. They do this NOT without regret or a tear BUT with the knowledge that a new dog or dogs need them now!

Lilac was born approximately 10.10.18 so 2 years old. Not sure what mix she is for sure but she is about the size of a corgi but with a Labradors head, so small and dumpy so to speak! Lilac when found, tested positive for erlichea a tick disease which has now been successfully treated and leishmaniosis. Leishmaniosis will be an ongoing health condition but Lilac is healthy and has no signs of leish currently. Lilac adores cats and sleeps with them. She even used to let them into her basket with her new born pups. Lilac is now sterilised.
Can anyone give this wonderful girl a loving home she so desperately craves? Having a dog like Lilac would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone who would be willing to take her into their homes and lives. She would reward you with love and loyalty like you have never experienced.

If only the world was full of people who had a soul like Lilac. The world would be an amazing place then wouldn’t it!

Please complete the adoption form if you would like to offer Lilac a home or alternatively please email us if you would like some information on her lifelong condition which needs monitoring and daily medication before applying to adopt. Full advice and support will be provided for life.

Rehome Lilac

If you feel you would like to offer Lilac a loving home please click on this link to read our homing policy, please ensure you fully meet our criteria before submitting your application form.