• Gender: male
  • DOB: 20/10/2020
  • Adult/Youngster: puppy
  • Potential Size: small/medium
  • Location: Zante
  • Neutered: no
  • Cat Friendly: yes
  • Suitable for Children: Aged 5 and Over

Keri's Story

Keri was an owned, but unwanted, puppy as he made ‘too much mess.’ We were informed by the neighbour that the pup lived outside and was literally kicked out of the premises. When he went back to the house he would be thrown or kicked away again. The neighbour was crying when she called us, she had big dogs of her own who would not accept him, she felt so useless and afraid for the puppy.

Keri was born approx. 20th October 2020. He has the most beautiful thick, wavy black and white coat, with little stumpy legs! We think he is a Spaniel mix, perhaps with a Kokoni. Maybe we should call him a ‘Spakoni’!!! He will stay a small lap-boy size. He is a love bug! As you can see, he loves to be picked up and cuddled, he likes to make the kisses!!

Keri is good with the other dogs, puppies and cats, and loves children. Loves everything and everybody. A wonderful little chap who will fit into any family! Loves to sit on your lap and watch TV, but just as happy running around and playing too!

Keri has finished his vaccinations and is ready to find his new family.


Rehome Keri

If you feel you would like to offer Keri a loving home please click on this link to read our homing policy, please ensure you fully meet our criteria before submitting your application form.