Frosty Blue – Already in the UK

  • Gender: male
  • DOB: 20/10/2020
  • Adult/Youngster: puppy
  • Potential Size: large
  • Location: Bolton, UK
  • Neutered: yes
  • Cat Friendly: yes
  • Suitable for Children: No

Frosty Blue – Already in the UK's Story

The adorable Frosty Blue is now in the UK and eagerly awaiting his forever home.

Frosty Blue was found with his 4 siblings in a storm drain in Northern Greece. For those of you who follow our rescue you will be familiar with the ‘Polar Express’ in December 2020. The rescuer who found them had nowhere to put them and their lives were sadly in the balance. We stepped in and agreed to take them if she could travel the 5 hours round trip to meet our transporter, who was on her way back to Zakynthos. These, and another litter of 3, formed the ‘Polar Express’ and came into our care. All white, like little polar bears.

Frosty Blue and his siblings sadly all came down with parvo and we lost 2 of his sisters. Frosty made it though and is going from strength to strength. He is now a happy, bouncy boy who loves life!

Frosty Blue is currently in foster care in the Bolton area, where he lives happily with 3 other dogs and 5 cats. He is very well-behaved and a real gentle giant. Frosty Blue is responding well to commands, even though everything in the UK is new to him. He is still working on his toilet-training as his foster home is providing the first experience he has had of living inside a home, however he is a really good boy and will only go on puppy pads. He is quick to bond with his humans and is a very affectionate boy who just wants to be loved. Frosty Blue travels well in a dog crate, or in a secure boot.

Frosty Blue was born approximately 20.10.20 and will be a large dog when fully grown. He is a Greek Shepherd cross mountain dog, which is a guardian breed in Greece. They are extremely loyal and loving to their family but can be wary of strangers very similar to the German Shepherd.

He has mainly white, shortish length fur with a few brown patches on his ears. His most striking feature is his blue eyes, hence his name. Frosty Blue has the double dew claws low down on his back legs which is more or less unique to certain breeds, mainly large mountain dogs.

Frosty Blue’s ideal home will be with an experienced owner who can train him as these dogs are highly intelligent. He also prefers smaller animals to himself so we are looking for a family with largish-breed experience who have smaller-breed dogs in the home. We are saying children over 15 only due to his size.

If you are interested in adopting this beauty and for more information, please complete our online application form.

Rehome Frosty Blue – Already in the UK

If you feel you would like to offer Frosty Blue – Already in the UK a loving home please click on this link to read our homing policy, please ensure you fully meet our criteria before submitting your application form.