• Gender: female
  • DOB:
  • Adult/Youngster: unknown
  • Potential Size: unknown
  • Location:
  • Neutered: no
  • Cat Friendly: yes
  • Suitable for Children: No


Healing Paws Animal Rescue are sad to announce that we can no longer rehome cats to the UK. There are several reasons why we have taken this decision, the main ones being the complexity of the paperwork required to enter the UK post-Brexit, together with the increase in costs. Not just the travel costs, but the extra paperwork and import tax on each and every animal, as each cat costs as much as a dog to prepare and transport.

Cats as a whole do not travel well and suffer stress on the journey. This then makes them poorly/sick on arrival. All strays have a bad start in life and many are interbred, thus leading to health issues.

PLEASE do not ask us to help you bring a cat back to the UK due to the reasons and our policy above.

Healing Paws Animal Rescue, however, DO help cats in dire need on the island i.e. road traffic accidents, new born kittens dumped in bins BUT we cannot take every cat or kitten someone finds.

We do provide for the cats throughout the winter months when there are no tourists about at designated feeding stations, thus enabling them to keep going throughout the winter months when everything is closed down. If anyone wishes to support this effort, then making a donation would be more than gratefully received as cats get very little in way of donations or support sadly.

Please understand we are just a small rescue with limited resources financially. We have no cattery or holding facilities for cats. There are literally thousands of cats all over the island and we are unable to assist in every case.

There are things tourists can do to help a cat they see in need of help. Many have eye problems due to the climate on the island and you can buy some eye drops from any chemist call Tobrex which is a Brand name. The drug is Tobramycin which belongs to a class of drugs called aminoglycoside antibiotics. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria and will assist the cat’s eyes. This often is all you need and the drops only cost a few euros.

You can feed the cats but please do so away from hotel complexes and restaurants.

Most of the cats are interbred and as a result are not in the best of health due to this.

Many suffer with cat aids and, although treatable in a loving home with a good diet, sadly when strays they suffer immensely. This is highly contagious and as a result we cannot take these cats into our homes.

All vets will treat a stray and unlike the UK you will not pay a consultation fee. You only pay for what treatment is given, which in essence is nominal compared to the UK and other EU countries. If you are really worried by an animal, please take to the vets yourself as we cannot be all over the island to assist. As you may or may not appreciate we get many many emails about cats daily during the tourist season.


Thank you for reading.

Healing Paws Animal Rescue


If you feel you would like to offer CATS ANNOUNCEMENT a loving home please click on this link to read our homing policy, please ensure you fully meet our criteria before submitting your application form.