Injured puppy left for dead – now living the dream!

Injured puppy left for dead – now living the dream!

A lady contacted Sue to attend a puppy that had been hit by a car and left to die at the roadside. When Sue arrived she found the puppy in a terrible state… fragile, weak, dehydrated, starving, covered with insects, ticks and fleas, weeping eyes and the most appalling and badly mutilated front leg. The poor puppy was suffering so much, by the look in her eyes it was clear she had given up. She could not move or walk.

Sue took her home and cleaned her up dealing with all the ticks and gave her a good meal which she very much enjoyed, Sue then gave her pain killers and made her comfortable for the night. The next morning she was up and about, walking around with her leg tucked underneath her and walking on her elbow.

Sue took her to the vet and she was put on a course of antibiotics and pain killers, with ointment for her eyes to treat an infection. Sue built up her strength with a good diet, so she was strong enough for the operation needed to amputate her leg. Such a sweet natured girl, she just needed some time to go through her operation and heal her body and soul. She was so very lucky to have been found by Sue, so she could heal and be given the chance to live a full and happy life.

The cost of this puppy’s treatment was over 230e. Thankfully an overwhelming amount of lovely people donated money to help and cover the cost of her operation… Sue found this very emotional and is eternally grateful…

The operation went fantastically and Sue nursed this little girl through her recovery… before long this puppy had touched many hearts and one family in particular just knew that they wanted her to be a part of their family forever… This wonderful puppy, now known as ‘Hope’ is now living in the UK with a wonderful family that already have two rescue dogs from Sue… There is nothing more wonderful than a truly happy ending…




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