Adult - Female
Adopted Small

This dog has been adopted, look on our available dogs page for many more looking for a forever home...

Latte was no longer wanted by her family, so they tied her up at a local sports field where she was tormented and left alone for hours and hours on end. She did have a small house to live in! She was very afraid, when Sue and Oli went to see her, they could not get anywhere near her, the ‘owner’ arrived to remove the chain from it’s fixing and give her to Sue, but once away from her hell hole she blossomed into a wonderful, happy, loving little girl!

Latte was not well when Sue picked her up, she was skin and bone and her hair was all matted. Blood tests revealed she had tick fever. She has been treated for this now and has made a full recovery. She has gained weight and her hair has filled out beautifully!

Latte was born approx February 2014. She could be a Maltese or perhaps a Poodle mix, but for sure she is a terrier mix of some sort. She will remain small, the size of a big cat. The perfect lap size girl, which is one of her favorite places to be, she loves to be cuddled and to sit and watch TV! She does not molt, her hair pulls/brushes out in little lumps.

Latte is great with the older dogs and ok with the pups, although can be a bit bossy with them, Sue thinks this is possibly due to her having a few litters of her own and is fed up with puppies now! She sleeps with Sue’s cats but will also chase them if they decide to run, but only in play. Typical terrier! She likes to have the last word, she likes to talk! She would be ok in a home with older children but Sue would prefer her to go to home with no young children due to her previous life!

Latte has started her vaccinations and will be ready to travel to her new home soon…