Adult - Female
Adopted Small

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This is Ruby. She was taken in by Sue back in March with her two surviving pups. Ruby was a stray girl who was heavily pregnant when we was first contacted about her. Sadly we didn’t have anywhere to put her at the time and she gave birth to 6 pups before Sue had a chance to collect her. A nice man who had alerted Sue about her, agreed to take care of her whilst Sue managed to free up some room. Poor Ruby was in such an emaciated state she was just skin and bone. Surprisingly, she blood tested clear so it was just a case of good food and vitamins. Ruby is a Brittany Spaniel mix, born approximately 10th December 2017. She is quite a small girl, who currently weighs between 8-9 kg and she is extremely loving and cuddly. So much so, she clings to your legs as you walk around the house! She is also quite happy to curl up in a basket with other doggy friends too. She is quite lively/high energy as most spaniels are, so will need plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Ruby’s needs someone at home for most of the day as she get anxious when left so this will need working on. She will also need at least one companion dog, preferably more! Ruby has been through so much in her short life, so now is the time for her time to find a permanent family of her own. Microchipped 900163000002166 Not yet sterilised. Ruby is being fostered in the West Sussex area. If you are interested in adopting Ruby, please fill out our online form.