Young - Male
Adopted Medium

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Rocky is 1 of a litter of 5 puppies found on a desolate mountain road. A friend was travelling and saw them but was unable to catch them so he sent coordinates to one of our volunteers who jumped in the car with a friend to go rescue them.  There was literally in the middle of nowhere with no food, water or shelter for miles. The was so scared and it took our volunteers ages to be able to grab them.

Rocky was born approximately 25.09.2019 and we believe he will stay small to medium although it is always hard to tell when we do not know who the parents are.

Rocky has black and white terrier scruffy type fur . He has a little beard forming !!  He is similar to his  black brother and sister as all very similar in looks apart from the white bits on their chest and feet that differ. Rocky looks to have a white cross on his chest

He is now very friendly,  confident and the leader of the pack. He leads all the play with all the other puppies. He also gets along with the cats in her foster home..

Rocky  will be ready to travel mid February


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