Baby - Male
Adopted Medium

This dog has been adopted, look on our available dogs page for many more looking for a forever home...

Pip was abandoned along with his sister, one night at a ladies home. She asked for help so Sue took them in.

Pip was born approx 25th October 2017. If he is one of the pups Sue thinks he is, he is a pure breed Labrador. There was a family with their mum in Alykes, she was pure breed Lab and Sue believes the dad was too, as there was a boy always with them. Four of the pups were taken by locals and the others disappeared, Sue believes this is one of them! He looks pure lab, but no guarantees! He will grow to medium in height. He has a gorgeous creamy golden colour coat and very light golden brown eyes. He is gorgeous!

Pip is lovely with the other dogs and plays beautifully with the other pups, is good with cats and likes children. He just wants to please and be loved, so very clever, will be very easy to train.

Pip has started his vaccinations and will be ready to travel soon.