Patch was found abandoned in the mountains with his sister. They were picked up from the road by a couple who asked for help with them, they are now in a wonderful foster home and blossoming! Great pups!

This is what the foster mummy says about Patch…….
Patch is one of these special dogs, that I could easily keep for myself. He has these large sad eyes with a big muzzle and you can not help cuddling him all the time. He is always everybodies favourite. He will be a bigĀ dog but has a very gentle and calm character. We have cats, other dogs, children and you name it and he is fine with all of them. So the only problem with him will be, he will need a big bed!

Patch was born approx 12th February, he has had his vaccinations and is ready to travel to his special home.

Microchip number 900182001367667