Young - Male
Adopted Small

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My daughter was driving along a country one day when two adult girl dogs stopped her, literally! One was stood on her hind legs in the middle of the road. Robbie stopped opened her door to get out and one of the little girls jumped in and sat on the passenger seat looking forwards, as if to say, ok lets go!! The other adult was happy to see Robbie but would not get into the car, she was dancing about and yapping and ran off slowly as if wanting Robbie to follow her, which she did.

There she found 7 tiny pups! Both of the adults had milk and were mothering all of the pups so we don’t know who had which pup! Mums look like Kakoni and or Spaniel mix and are small ish!

Nino was born approx 15th April 2019. He will stay small. He has a beautiful smooth red/brown coat and gorgeous seal like eyes. He is a stunner. A very happy pup. Loves everything and everybody. Nino is great with the other dogs, plays and sleeps with the other pups and is great with cats and children. He will fit into any home.

Nino has finished his vaccinations and is ready to travel to his new home.


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