Adult - Female
Adopted Small Spayed

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Nala was given as a small puppy to a family for the children. Once she was an adult she was no longer wanted or loved so she was tied to a tree in their garden.

Six years later when asked why they told the person that they didn’t want her and to take her if she wanted her so she did. Then contacted me to help. Her coat was very dirty and matted, she looked like a different dog after her make over!

Nala was born approx 14th November 2012. She is a small/medium sized girl, perhaps Westie mix?? She has a white coat that will grow longer!! She is a sweet little girl. Loves to be a lap girl and to be cuddled. This is what her foster mum has said about her…… I must tell you she is a fantastic personality and very easy going and relaxed. She is friendly with ALL dogs and cats (or not so interested) she is more interested in humans. She could run after a hen if it comes too close… she is fantastic in the car, in town, at other people homes, no peeing inside after that first day told you about. She is a very very tender and cuddly, loving character! I think she will bring joy to any person or family who has time for her.

Nala has finished her vaccinations, blood tested clear and been sterilized.

She so deserves her special home, bless her!

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