Moonshine – In the UK

Young - Female
Adopted Medium Spayed

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Moonshine came to the UK in November with her brother, however, due to the very boisterous play between the two of them the family are struggling to manage their sibling rivalry which may become more of an issue as they get older & stronger. Moonshine is 7 months old and weighs 16kg, she has long legs & the vet is expecting her to grow to around 20-22kg.

This is what the family say about her

“Moonshine is a very lovely looking dog, we are often stopped & asked what she is. She is very friendly & cuddly, she likes to climb up on you when watching TV, curl up on your lap and go to sleep. She sits nicely for treats, very easy to put her harness on and does not really pull on the lead, she has not yet been let off lead though. She is great getting in and out of the car and travels well as long as you have a proper guard as she does like to fidget. She likes to climb and jump, she is very busy so we think agility or scent work would be great for her. She has a focused face and will look at things intently we think that she is quite intelligent and with the right training she will be a super girl. She does go outside for her toileting & will whimper when she wants to go out, although this still needs supervision. We still leave a pad down at night which she uses if needed. She will whimper if we leave the kitchen or when her brother goes for his walk, they are not used to being left alone so someone will need to be around a lot of the time but this will improve with training & as time goes by.We think she would benefit from an older confident mother figure dog to guide her & keep her in check. She is great meeting strangers out & people coming to the home, she behaves well & wags her tail, she is great with other dogs when on her walks, she has not lived with children or cats”

MOONSHINE will need an active home where someone is home based & able to give her long walks where she can run around & vent her energy. She would benefit from agility or scent work to keep her busy. She has already been spayed & is crate trained. Not cat tested. Older children only.

If you are interested in Moonshine please contact us using our online application form