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Adopted Medium

This dog has been adopted, look on our available dogs page for many more looking for a forever home...

Micky is one of 5 black Labrador mix puppies that’s was dumped outside a friend’s house on 17th May 2019. The poor babies were so scared and bewildered wondering what was happening to them, running frantically all over the Lane.  Thankfully, my friend took them in to foster for me. They aptly named them the “Road Warrior Gang” which consists of 3 boys and 2 girls. Max, Mitch, Micky, Milly and Molly.    There will be separate albums for each pup.

Micky was born approximately March 2019 and should be medium in size when fully grown. We believe them to be a Labrador mix, possibly with a pointer but we will never truly know as we do not know their parents.

Such lovely puppies and very affectionate. Very similar though to look at but as they are growing their little personalities are developing as are their different features.

Micky is friendly and sociable. Just like any other puppy he loves to play, He is great with the other puppies and of course cats as his foster mummy has many ! He has a glorious black shiny coat and the most waggy tail ! Check the video below

Micky has finished his vaccinations and is now ready to find his forever family


If you would like to apply for Micky please click on the following link https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/3ac0GM7b4D