Baby - Female
Adopted Small

This dog has been adopted, look on our available dogs page for many more looking for a forever home...

Merri was found all alone in an olive grove just before Christmas.

Merri was born approx 19th October 2017. She looks to be a Spaniel cross Poodle or Griffon, Sue believes that she will stay smallish. She has a pretty cream and light brown fluffy coat. But she loves the garden at Sue’s, which is like a jungle, so it is difficult to keep her looking fluffy at present! She has at fun character and loves to chase and run around with the other pups…

Merri is wonderful with the other dogsĀ and pups, sleeps with the cats and loves children. She will fit into any home. Merri loves her cuddles too and loves to sit on your lap for evening snuggles! She is very clever too..

Merri has finished her vaccinations and is ready to tarvel to her new home.