Adult - Female
Adopted Medium Spayed

This dog has been adopted, look on our available dogs page for many more looking for a forever home...

Marilou was an owned dog. An elderly gentleman found her as a small pup and took her home. She ended up on a chain as his garden is not fenced. He asked us to help with a kennel etc for her before Christmas, which we did do! Then sadly he became sick and was rushed to hospital, we were asked by his neighbors to take her in, so my friends did just that!

Marilou is such a sweet girl, so very loving and appreciates anything that is done for her. She is always smiling and wagging her tail, she gives wonderful hugs!! Marilou is approx one year old, looks to be perhaps a German Shepherd mix, but also maybe some Collie too?

She has a gorgeous very thick black and tan coat with white chest markings. So beautiful. Marilou is great with everybody and everything, loves all! A great all round dog that will fit into any home and bring her new family a lot of joy.

Marilou has finished her vaccinations, she has blood tested clear and been sterilized, she is ready to find her special home. 945000001961673