Baby - Female
Adopted Small

This dog has been adopted, look on our available dogs page for many more looking for a forever home...

Lulu was one of four little girls born to an owned dog and unwanted, so Sue took them in to find them homes.

Lulu was born approx 15th November 2017, she looks to be a Poodle mix and will probably stay smallish. She is inky black with a small white chest, toes and chin and has a thick wavy coat. She is very pretty and cute, clever too. She is a love monster!

Lulu is adorable in all ways, she is cute, funny, loving, playful and clever. She loves everything and everybody and will fit into any family. She gets on well with the other dogs and pups, is great with cats and small children too.

Lulu has finished her vaccinations and is ready to travel.945000001962943