Izzy – In UK

Senior - Female
Adopted Medium

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This is Izzy, a pure breed beagle that has been used to breeding all her life.

PLEASE NOTE – Izzy is NOT a Healing Paws Dog. She is a UK Rescue (Saving Strays) and we are just advertising to help find her a home. If interested please contact the rescue. Details at end of the profile

About 16 weeks ago, Izzy was sold to a family by the so-called breeder. Sadly, through no fault of her own, the home cannot keep her and the breeder will not take her back. Typical of an uncaring breeder who has just sold her on as she is passed her sell by date. Any good, decent breeder would give lifelong back up for their dogs.

Izzy is 9 years old and suffers some separation anxiety, and so would need someone at home for most of the day. She is good with other dogs and currently lives with children. She is friendly and affectionate.

This is probably the first home that Izzy has experienced. No wonder she has a bit of separation anxiety. She probably cannot believe her luck. No doubt she has been in kennels and just used at every opportunity to give birth and make money for a  poor excuse of a human being.

Izzy is not yet sterilised and the rescue are seeking advice from the vets in regards to this. After she has been used by humans for 9 years doesn’t she deserve the love and care every poor soul deserves. She craves that family. that love, the treats, the walks and a bed to call her own. Please share to help her find a home of her own.


Homecheck and adoption fee applies. If interested please contact Hayley on 07487258814 or email hayley_patricia@hotmail.co.uk for more information.