Adult - Female
Adopted Small

This dog has been adopted, look on our available dogs page for many more looking for a forever home...

Irma was first seen at the start of the summer season in a local tourist area. She was very scared and her coat was in a bad condition but Sue couldn’t catch her. Irma kept coming and going throughout the summer but in October Sue managed to pick her up, only to find she had milk and was feeding puppies. Asking around Sue found out she was an owned dog. The owner did not want the pups and was going to dispose of them that weekend. The lady who knew the owner phoned her to say that Sue would take the pups, she agreed so Sue went to the house. Irma was on a chain living in a filthy, disgusting condition. Sue picked up the pups and whilst there the owner called the lady again to tell them to take the mum too, as she didn’t want her…

Irma was born approx October 2015 she is the size of a large domestic cat, a Poodle/Griffon or some such terrier mix. She is so easy to pick up and loves her cuddles and laps to sit on!! She is so loving, she understands how she has been saved from her previous hell of a life and shows her appreciation every day! She is clever, house trained and loves the car!

Irma was an amazing mum and continues now to be lovely with the other dogs and pups. She is great with cats and loves children. Irma will fit into any home although as with all adult dogs, no homes with very young children please.

Irma has had all of her vaccinations and has blood tested clear. She is ready to travel to her new home.