Hazel – In the South UK

Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed

Hazel came over to the UK as a pup in February 2018. Unfortunately she needs to be re homed, She adores the children in her family but she is very fearful of visiting children, she gets very upset at any noise or movement. Initially she was fearful of visiting adults too but the family have worked for many months with a behaviourist & she has improved hugely to the point where she is now fine with adults if they are introduced slowly.

However, as she is still very fearful of visiting children this is of course a worry for the family, they are heartbroken but realise she needs a home where she can be relaxed & not worried.

We are therefore looking for a quiet, experienced dog home with no visiting children; hopefully with a confident companion dog who can help her relax.

This is what her family have said about her…. “Hazel is an extremely affectionate, loving and loyal dog, she adores us & the children. She is calm in her home environment and enjoys being in her basket. She enjoys playing training games and knows all her basic commands. She loves puzzle games to get treats, pigs ears and pizzles. She is energetic on walks, very fast & enjoys chasing/being chased by other dogs, she has great recall. She loves the beach but is suspicious of the sea! She is fine with adults & children whilst out of the home on her walks but she is very protective of her environment. She is crate trained & is happily left at home for up to 4 hrs”

Hazel looks like a Lab cross, she is smaller though more Spaniel size. Born August 2017. She has been spayed.

Hazel will stay with the family whilst she is re homed & she can be met in the Sussex coast area. https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/3ac0GM7b4D