Daisy – In Foster in the UK

Young - Female
Adopted Medium

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Daisy was found living in a drain pipe with her sister Dazzle. We was first alerted to them by a tourist and was only given coordinates to their location.  So off went one of our volunteers in search. It took a while but eventually they managed to find them.  It then took a lot of coaxing and experience to get the poor puppies out of the pipe as they were so scared.

Daisy was born approximately 20th March 2019. She is the lighter coloured of the 2 sisters. She is the more confident one of the two and loves to have her tummy tickled. She is a German Shepherd mix and is far more beautiful than her photos show. She loves playing and is used to all animals such as other dogs, cats, chickens, goats, ducks. Having a lot of the German Shepherd in her also makes her highly intelligent and keen to learn.

Daisy has a very active mind and so she needs to be with at least one other dog in the household and someone who can give her lots of mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom. Daisy can still be a little timid at times of new situations but with most puppies she has to learn the world is a nice place to be. Training will help her confidence.

Daisy’s ideal home would be with someone who has medium/large dog experience and who has trained a dog from a puppy before. She is very keen to learn and she learns very quickly with the right guidance! She will make an amazing dog. No young children as she can still be a little nippy in play.

Currently in foster in the Bolton area.


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