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Chakra had a very bad start to his little life. He was taken from travellers who had abused him dreadfully.

That was when he was eight weeks old and consequently when rescued he was snappy and biting (the vet could not even look inside his mouth!) but that has all changed and now he is just the happiest little soul and his temperament is just delightful.

He had a very sore eye which has mostly cleared up now but has a little blind spot. One of his front feet was injured but this is also now fully healed. The people used to torment him by grabbing his nose etc…….

Chakra was born approximately April 2019. He looks to be a Chihuahua dog and only weighs 2.5Kg!

He has a gorgeous red coloured coat with flashes of white on his face, chest and little tiny paws! He is a handsome fun loving little boy and everyone just loves him … He is simply stunning!

He is a very happy confident little chap. Chakra is always smiling and wagging his tail! He loves everything and everybody, loves to play and to snuggle, to be cuddled and he is very clever! Likes his food so easy to train! He is great with the other dogs and pups, cats and children too. He is being fostered in a house in the UK Peterborough area) and so is house trained (almost!) and walks beautifully on a lead.

Chakra has had all his vaccinations and is already in the U.K. He is not yes sterilised as he is still a little too young for that and it will be a condition of his adoption that he is sterilised once old enough.


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