Adult - Male
Adopted Medium NeuteredNo young children

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This stunning boy is Bentley. He lived as a semi stray in Tsilivi for around 12 months with a man who had learning difficulties. The Tsilivi feeders nicknamed him Paul but we think Bentley suits him better. He lived with a pack of around 5 dogs who used to follow the man as he walked miles every day. He used to be a bit protective over his food as the man used to throw it onto the ground for the dogs to share. One day a relative of the gentleman went to clean up his house and removed all the dogs. Everyone feared the worst until the dogs started to appear in different locations all over the island.
Bentley was taken into a foster home of which he escaped 3 times. He was used to his freedom and hated confined spaces. He is now in another foster home and is doing very well.
Bentley is approximately 2 years old (born Sept 2015) and weighs a healthy 18 kg.
Height 0.72 and length 0.80
He’s possibly a Labrador or retriever cross with a beagle and as he has typical beagle traits. He is very loving and is a people’s dog rather than a dogs dog. He loves his cuddles and fuss. Sue believes he will settle in a home once he has a family to love, but not with small children.
His ideal home will be with someone who is around most of the time and has plenty of space. Maybe someone who loves walking a lot. Even though he has previously been around other dogs, he would probably prefer to be an only dog, so he can get all the attention in a family home. In his present foster home he doesn’t seem to tolerate other dogs very much and definitely does not like cats. He is very clean around his kennel area and will mostly wait until he is taken for a walk to do his business. Be prepared to have lots of wee stops!
Bentley is exceptionally handsome and he has a funny character. He would love to have a family of his own so he no longer has to search for love.
Bentley has had all of his vaccinations, blood tested clear and been sterilised. He is ready for his new home…