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Bella (black) and her brother Mario spent the first two years of their lives closed in a small cage outside open to all the elements. It must of been a dreadful existence for them. Luckily for them a lovely lady saw them and took them from their prison. She took them home and showered them with love and kindness. In the three months she has had them they have blossomed into sweet loving little friends. Unfortunately being so small (the size of a cat) they can easily squeeze through the fences and escape into the olive groves and woods around them. There are four flocks of sheep and goats grazing in the area and these daft dogs like to bark and chase them. Their rescuer is concerned that they will get shot or injured. There are also many nut trees in the area as well as grape vines, the pups have a passion for them and of course they are toxic to them so cause upset tummies. It has become obvious that the pups cannot stay where they are, so we have been asked to find them a home.

After their ordeal and all they have gone through it would be nice to home them together if possible. We along with the present owner are willing to help with the costs IF they can be homed together.

Bella and Mario were born approx 20th September 2017 They are Kokoni mix. Very much Kokoni in character. Love to be loved and cuddled but also like to chase and play, very brave little dogs with very nice characters! Small in size, lap dogs for sure when given the chance! They both weigh 7 kls each!

Bella and Mario are good with other dogs and older children. Not good with cats or very young children.

They have both finished all of their vaccinations, blood tested clear and been sterilized. They are so ready to find their dream home.

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