Young - Male
Adopted Medium

This dog has been adopted, look on our available dogs page for many more looking for a forever home...

Around four or five months ago two puppies were found in the mountains and taken to Sue for help… One of the puppies, later called Bear, was brought over to the UK to go to his forever home. His current owner says that he is an absolute dream. However, he is very reactive to the owners current dogs. In the house he is a dream (her words) but when out, Bear reacts to her other dogs because they start barking and get him very excited. He has not had much training and this would definitely benefit him.
Bear’s present owner (now foster carer) said “It is heartbreaking that such a gentle soul is faultless in the home but gets overstimulated when out walking with two other dogs on the lead next to him that are very vocal. I know with absolute certainty that he will become an amazing dog in the right environment, either with a calm companion dog or as an only dog, but my home is not right for him and my dogs are hyping him up into a nervous, excitable handful”.

We are looking for someone who either has a very calm dog, or is wanting just the one dog.
Bear is a good sized medium dog and is just beautiful.
Bear has been in the UK for app four months and is now ten months old – still a puppy.
A home visit can be arranged or transport when adopted if it is reasonably local.