Adopted Small

This dog has been adopted, look on our available dogs page for many more looking for a forever home...

Ariel is one of four pups that were born by a stray girl, in a derelict house opposite a busy hotel. Sue received many messages about them. She tried to catch the mum but unfortunately she couldn’t. But she had to pick up the pups as they were in danger from the road. They were covered in fleas and were anaemic. They were very scared too and it took a group of friends a long while to catch them all. They hid for days in the pens but slowly they have become very friendly and extremely loving! Sue called this pup Ariel due to her love of water! Every time Sue replaces their water she hops into the bowl and turns round in it!
Ariel was born aprox 25th May 2017, looks to be Poodle or Griffon mix. Will stay small ish. She is white and black with small brown marks around her eyes, a very beautiful pup in all ways.
Ariel is great with the other dogs and pups, loves cats and children! She loves to be loved and will fit into any home. Another little cuddle monster. Very clever girl with a huge character.
Ariel has finished her vaccinations and is ready to travel to her new home.